not realizing I was assimilating the photos of tree branches   I painted this on the back of the Magik Shoe Collaborative piece

Step 2 A.R.T.S.

Step Two Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. Step Two Essay “Blocking out our Gifts and/or great parts of our life to be unlived is insane. We hurt ourselves with our need to block. We constantly say “no” when we should be saying “yes.” The need […]

Upon entering the world

it is nearly without pleasure that i bring this news to you today. It has come to my attention that some of you aren’t eating your pudding. How can you expect to have any meat? I know this comes as a shock but your time has come around. We will no longer be able to […]

1 year ago

It’s been a full year away from posting.  A self imposed moratorium.  I have reached the other side without soup or sorrow and am stronger because of it.  I may just try this again for another year.

Art Grows

The artist as gardener idea has been recently clarified by Brian Eno in this short talk at Serpentine Gallery. The concept is a basic difference in the way we see the world. Brought up on the idea of a supreme creator with intelligent design it is difficult to accept the idea of evolution. A simple […]

Discussion I like

comments on Generation Blank   We are living in a time of intense nostalgia (in an already nostalgic culture). Everything is about the “remix.” People feel comfortable in this brave new world and century seeing something that feels familiar. But in ANY art historical time period 98% of artists were hacks or just not very […]

Art as Commodity

This is an idea which has been acting as a backdrop for the virtual work and is fostered by a lack of interest in the trading of art for money. Specifically my art for your money. I watched The Mona Lisa Curse It’s Robert Hughes talking about the transition of art in to a commodity. […]

US Artists erect giant Dove sculpture in Tahrir Square

Our Augmented Reality 3d model now available in Tahrir Square in Cairo, accompanied by the text, “It is from your peace of mind that a peaceful perception of the world arises.” This project uses the free Layar application for Android and Iphones. To view, download application, load, search for Aequitas, then fly to Cairo and […]

Edward_ Winkleman the process vs product question as applied to older artists. See this Amp at

Brice Marden at Matthew Marks (Contemporary Art Daily)

URL:… i get a nagging feeling that now he’s just jerking off. See this Amp at

we can question each other’s ideas without questioning each other’s love of country

URL:… A way forward doesn’t require denying the negative but focusing on the positive colors the discourse with respect and keeps the communication flowing. The loss of these wonderful people should make every one of us strive to be better in our private lives – to be better friends and neighbors, co-workers and parents. […]

Sometimes the Truth Doesn’t Set Them Free Its Just Another Burden

Watched the final episode of Treme Season 1. It’s rare to see a reaction such as the character LaDonna had to further investigation of her brothers death in police custody. She didn’t want to investigate. She found him after 6 months of nail biting perseverance and just wanted to bury him. She says my mother […]

Can you read cursive letters?… I looked this up because some teachers were complaining about it recently. I guess I need to rethink some web design choices for the younger set. In the novel I am reading, Super Sad True Love Story, one of the characters had his book published as one of the last published books. My friend […]

Browse images from gallery openings worldwide – artnet Magazine

URL:… Finally the promise of the internet is fulfilled. Well, close but no cigar. Despite the obvious lack of scale and texture resulting from jpeg viewing, we are used to that by now but there is no accompanying text from the artist illuminating their ideas. Isn’t that a necessary thing in absorbing contemporary art? […]

Browse images from gallery openings worldwide – artnet Magazine

URL:… Finally the promise of the internet is fulfilled See this Amp at

Target the slackers

I am loving this new blog, (standard) INTERVIEW. It’s refreshing to see questions such as this asked of artists. There are as many ways of working as there are artists and each one is as interesting as the product. Maybe this is so compelling because it shifts the focus away from the product. It would […]

Target the slackers

I am loving this new blog, (standard) INTERVIEW. It’s refreshing to see questions such as this asked of artists. There are as many ways of working as there are artists and each one is as interesting as the product. Maybe this is so compelling because it shifts the focus away from the product. It would […]

If being afraid is a crimeWe hang side by sideThe Replacements – Swingin’ Party Lyrics

remember you will not die

remember you will not die you didn’t and you had plenty of chances back and forth over and over yet here you are

International Field of Voices

If you haven’t had a chance to contribute your voice to the project we open simultaneously in six countries: Italy, France, Holland, Germany, Brazil, and the USA this April 7th. Students seem to be the most creative at this point and we have an overwhelming majority from the US with Australia a close second. Is […]

Through the Virtual Looking Glass

I am working on a project which is kind of snowballing lately and was wondering if anyone knows a gallery that wants to get in on this. I have pasted part of a letter below which explains it a wee bit. There is a website forthcoming. I will be placing embedded electronic components and am […]

My Niece fights sleep

My niece fights sleep. As if she were involved in a fantastic story where to fall asleep would herald the beginning of the changes. She does eventually sleep, she does change, but after her cereal she evens out and becomes human again. We thought maybe she was just a nosy bastard. Didn’t want to miss […]


* Carol Ann Duffy * The Guardian, Saturday 13 June 2009 How it makes of your face a stone that aches to weep, of your heart a fist, clenched or thumping, sweating blood, of your tongue an iron latch with no door. How it makes of your right hand a gauntlet, a glove-puppet of the […]

Aequitas June 2009

Social media has drawn together a group of international artists to New York for Aequitas, an exhibit of art based on childhood experiences. Artspace OSA in New York City and the virtual community of Second Life will host a joint exhibition of international artists: paintings, digital work, and virtual world installations during the month of […]

The passion for dumbness

Bob Dylan’s Chronicles: Volume One. Whatever the case, it wasn’t that I was anti-popular culture or anything and I had no ambitions to stir things up. I just thought mainstream culture was lame as hell and a trick. It was like the unbroken sea of frost outside the window and you had to have awkward […]

cooked goose?

Interesting post at NPIRL. I will provide a link to the article along with some of the key points for me. (I need to separate them from the text to facilitate my thinking due to ingrained self taught short attention span) (I was reading Bob Dylan’s bio last night and he talked about forcing himself […]

Story of Stuff

Recommended viewing The story of stuff Our enormously productive economy demands that we make consumption our way of life, that we convert the buying and use of goods into rituals, that we seek our spiritual satisfaction, our ego satisfaction, in consumption. We need things consumed, burned up, worn out, replaced, and discarded at an ever-increasing […]

“Life is a Bowl of…” Multi-Artist Collaborative Exhibition at Caerleon Isle

Runs through Sunday, January 11, 2008 Location: Caerleon Isle “Life is a Bowl of…” is a multi-artist collaborative conceptual art exhibition featuring a wide array of sculptural art created by 30 artists who were given the challenge to complete the phrase “Life is a bowl of…” using a 30m bowl and a set number […]

Theatre of Cruelty

The Theatre of Cruelty is a concept in Antonin Artaud’s book The Theatre and its Double. “Without an element of cruelty at the root of every spectacle, the theater is not possible. In our present state of degeneration it is through the skin that metaphysics must be made to re-enter our minds” (Artaud, The Theatre […]

Virtual Art

Magazine électronique du CIAC Why Art in Virtual Worlds? e-Happenings, Relational Milieux & “Second Sculpture” by Patrick Lichty (in English) I keep returning to this article and mining its bibliography.  I thought it was time i shared it with you. The possibilities for exploration of ideas and communication with a wider , primed audience are […]

The Face of Innocence

The face of innocence, the aspect acted on. It is this face that smiles and charms and even seems to love. It searches for companions and it looks, at times with pity, on the suffering, and sometimes offers solace. It believes that it is good within an evil world. This aspect can grow angry, for […]

making a clear choice for fear

oops I did it again woke up within a clear choice for fear cant seem to shake it either this weekend i went to the supermarket and in one instant saw myself a dark heart of fear beneath a scowl of contempt I wondered how pitiful this person has to be hurting so badly to […]

Choose Again

I need to be reminded I can choose again. Love or fear, peace or anger, right or happy, awake or asleep. I am not a victim of circumstance, birth, or disease. Deep within there is a place where I have never been or never can be hurt, harmed, or endangered in any way. This place […]

Why do you show your art?

Why do you show your art? That’s one of the questions we are asking in our interviews for the ASCA film. We have gotten a few pretty standard replies and one person didn’t understand how we could ask that question. It was taken for granted and never thought about. Is it an ego boost? An […]

Is creativity somehow related with meditation?

I was sent this the other day. What is objective art? Is creativity somehow related with meditation? Osho: Art can be divided into two parts. Ninety-nine percent of art is subjective art. Only one percent is objective art. The ninety-nine percent subjective art has no relationship with meditation. Only one percent objective art is based […]

Hafiz from The Ear That Was Sold To A Fish

Art is the conversation between lovers. Art offers an opening for the heart. True art makes the divine silence in the soul Break into applause. Art is, at last, the knowledge of Where we are standing– Where we are standing In this Wonderland When we rip off all our clothes And this blind man’s patch, […]

Live Art in Baghdad

International / Middle East With Fixtures of War as Their Canvas, Muralists Add Beauty to Baghdad By STEPHEN FARRELL Published: August 11, 2007 The city of Baghdad has hired two dozen artists to paint murals upon the miles of vast concrete blast walls that now snake along roads, rivers and sidewalks throughout the city.

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Forgive Me

I decided to photograph folk holding a sign which said simply “Forgive Me”. Upon viewing the photographs I could choose to practice releasing my ideas about that person and maybe provoke thoughts about forgiveness In other viewers. I Imagined someone whose thoughts were tortured by the mistakes of a doctor. I imagined that maybe seeing […]

yes but how does it look small?

The launch of Ebayaday, where art is sold online, cannot replace the supremacy of real things in real time and space. So says Ana Finel Honigman as she reveals what we long suspected. jpegs don’t tell the whole story. Like the slide held to the light it’s a poor way to experience a painting. Check […]

Fleshsuit and Crippling Backstory

I woke up this morning with a flesh suit and a crippling back story. I know you can identify because you have a flesh suit too but a crippling backstory? It may not be real but it looks like all the evidence is in place. If the CIA set it up they did a great […]

Soth on Art Chicago

I was quickly brought back down to earth after visiting Art Chicago. As usual, the toxic mix of money and decontextualized art was nearly devastating. For the record, I think these fairs have a lot of good work and I’m grateful for the business that gets done. I’m just not sure it is healthy for […]

If I capture art in my phone is that enough?

Easter week at the Met was a mob scene. I found myself trying to imagine the least popular areas to get away from the crowds but i wasn’t passing up the opportunity to visit the 20th century wing. My focus on the people brought me to a realization which had escaped me in the past. […]

content vs. form

What if you were the greatest artist and no one paid any attention. It’s an old story with a new twist as an internationally acclaimed virtuoso performs in the subway and can’t get enough for a meal. The Washington Post has the story. Pearls Before Breakfast