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I attended a function for artists at the Palm Springs Art Museum yesterday. It was a critique sponsored by the Artists Council and put on in our very own space within the museum. What a concept! The critique was moderated and advertised as “a self-led art critique workshop. An afternoon set aside for discussion and expansion in a friendly environment with other artists.”

For the most part artists presented newer experiments and were looking for help in deciding which way to go. There were quite a few workshop attendees with pieces created during some of the wonderful workshops available at the museum.

The delight of discovery and the wealth of techniques made these presentations a highlight of the event. It became apparent that artists don’t always know which is their strongest work but a group of artists could spot it immediately and a consensus was easy to form. The comments were insightful, helpful, and well received.

Zen Mountain 2014There were a few artists working in series who presented their new series to the group. These were particularly interesting to me as I am partial to intention promoting execution. One such artist was Gary Borgstedt who photographed landscapes using only fabric and some expert camera manipulation. The piece he displayed was a beautiful landscape who’s cache was increased exponentially when we discovered it was fabric arranged in the studio.

Dream Bots no.1, 14 x 20Another series by Lucia Grossberger Morales stemmed from an idea of robots leaning toward the Buddhist middle way resulting in a series of sacred bots, 3-D printed figures arranged in in traditionally inspired composition.

I brought an abstract painting which was finished but I wasn’t as happy with it as it could be and asked what I could’ve done different and got a lot of very good comments for my next piece.

It was a wonderful experience and there was good food and banter during the 2 1/2 hours we discussed art rather then commerce.

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