who is this trance artist?

How would you like to be present at the moment something brand new enters the world? That’s where I am every day. No, I don’t work in a hospital birthing babies: I am an abstract artist. The images I have a hand in creating have never been seen on this planet or any other.

Someone snuck into my studio.

I say I have a hand in them because a lot of the time I am surprised at the result and don’t remember doing it. I wake up in the morning and peek in the studio and wonder who the hell has been messing about with my paint and will he come back again and do more cause I like it.

Who is this guy?

The person who makes these paintings is certainly not the same person who wanders about pondering his waistline and his bills. That guy seems to fade away as soon as I engage with the art and doesn’t have a say in the matter. It’s like some sort of trance artist takes over with special art guidance from the combined soul of every artist ever, including the ones who haven’t even been born yet.

This trance artist doesn’t work for free.

He requires rest and balanced nutrition and visual stimulation in the form of beauty and harmony. He insists I get the hell out of the way so he can work, and if I am obsessed with something undone or something done badly (future or past) he won’t work. So I encourage him by taking care to do my best which makes it easier to let go of things I think I did badly. I do the footwork and leave the results in the hands of God so I don’t have to obsess about the future. I prepare myself so the trance artist can do the work and I can get a well deserved break from all the worrying and obsessing.

The path from chaos to order

The resulting images are amazing. I can say that because it’s not really me doing them. I can frame them and hang them and talk them up and sell them because I love them. The process is mine.  I arrange the materials but the product is a surprise, a gift. I start out splashing color all over which seems to draw him out because when I return to my senses the painting is a harmonious whole. These unique, original abstract paintings follow the path from chaos to order and invite you on the journey.

Psychological mirrors

I can stare at the art for years and still discover new passages loaded with surprise, discovery, and deep emotions which change to reflect changes in me. They are like psychological mirrors. No two people see the same thing in the shapes and colors. Give yourself permission to enrich your life and your living space with this colorful art. Spiritual art, infused with energy and discovery that will continue to charge the surrounding atmosphere, is like hanging a sunny day on the wall that you can visit any time for a rejuvenating dose of vitamin D and a boost in energy. These paintings are guaranteed to shift perception or return them for your money back.

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