real news from a newspaper

allover paintings and forgive me photographs in a respectful setting.

allover paintings and forgive me photographs

The reflections exhibition at the Mount San Jacinto College Art Gallery looks great.  The reception was well attended and we ate all the cheese.  A reporter from the Press Enterprise showed up and took some photographs and interviewed me for an article in a real newspaper.

I think the reporter got the message and did a good job deciphering it for normal people to understand. I had a great time explaining stuff and hearing all the interpretations from visitors.  The show is called reflections and the reflections were varied.

I have so many paintings around town I can’t wait until the month is over and I can get some of them back.  Sure, I appreciate it when they are purchased but some of these paintings are missed.

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  1. Lisa Honecker
    January 31, 2015

    I miss seeing your work at school anytime I want…… It’s so relaxing because the earth rubbings don’t ask me to do anything. I Love your work.

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