Abstract expressionist paintings by internationally exhibited Scottish born artist Stephen Beveridge.

Engaged in the creative process, or for that matter anything that gets me out of my head and alters my perception of the flow of time, I feel more alive and worthwhile than just about any other time. The artifacts of these moments hold the ability to remind me of the transcendent state and even initiate a recurrence.

These paintings aren’t about anything. There is nothing to “get”. Non representational, I have hidden no secrets or messages. However that is not to say they don’t hold secrets and messages. In fact these paintings grow over time to awaken and enliven your environment with color, harmonious balance, and an ethereal presence proven to promote the health and well being of anyone who encounters them.


Each person reacts differently to the same painting, since each person brings unique experiences and personal tastes to understanding. There are no right or wrong answers in appreciating abstract art. If you free yourself from the expectation that abstract art is supposed to look like something, you have the most freedom of any observer throughout the history of art to interpret it any way you wish.

Rose Ferronato





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