Do you deny your journey?

My function is focused on recognizing all the distractions I have created.  Once recognized as distractions the beacon of love seems to shine brighter.  The distractions become transparent before revealing their illusory nature.

This journey is reflected in the artwork.  The place inside you which resonates with the journey homeward is reflected by the finished painting.  It will always be so.  The painting is created with this intention and acts as an eternal beacon, calling forth the memory of your ancient origin.

Some art is created to incite, anger, stimulate, provoke memory, comfort, repel, or entice.  These works are created as part of the journey home to the place of peace.  This intention sets up a sympathetic field of resonance awakening that yearning within the viewer.

If you don’t want to be reminded of your spiritual home;  if you are trying to convince yourself that this is all there is; then bury your head in the sand of human doing. If you have fought long and hard to deny your connection to something much greater than your separate self,  don’t buy these works.

Your journey home is not always an easy recognition.  The searching path of discovery these paintings take will awaken the memory of your own journey.

Blue and silver organic abstract painting in front of an orange couch.

Blue and silver organic abstract painting in front of an orange couch.

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