Jennifer Wynne Reeves: A Prayer for the Art World

If, BIG IF, I don’t live another year, my prayer for you, for the art world, is that creatives banish doubts about breakthroughs because if we can’t imagine Pollock or Polke breakthroughs are possible we won’t have them and won’t be able to see them. Artists are not merely subordinates of the market place. We explore space in undefined delta quadrants. There’s plenty of time to find them as long as our minds stay open as long as we welcome invention.WELCOME invention, preserve our Klingon fight, admire our grooved foreheads and dog teeth. It will keep us alive for longer than is thought possible. Over a hundred years ago, Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “We must look deep into realism instead of only accepting the outward sense of things.” Beautiful. Making and buying art for the market place is the same as dumping the warp core; bad for the star ship Voyager; bad for those warring Klingon AbExers. Don’t worry. We can do it again. Visuals are exceedingly variable, each one a mathematical equation, reproducible, logical, Vulcan, spiritually relevant and applicable to the limits of paint.If life goes on after death, if those who died before visit the dead who already died, then I’ll be asking every artist I meet in the beyond how you’re all faring in your unique missions and expecting excellent reports. Please don’t disappoint. I have faith in you because individuality is as infinite as snowflakes and that means your creativity is, too. The Borg don’t exist. Humanity does. Resistance is achievable. Assimilation impossible.

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