Is social media diluting art?


instead of writing songs and composing albums its easier to post on social media

If we agree that great art comes from the friction within and then agree also with Billy Bragg that we are resolving this friction instantly with a tweet or post where does that leave art?  Art is squeezed out of pain or exultation is it then being diluted with a quick tweet before it gets a chance to find a composition?

I’m thinking also about the sharing of work in progress on instagram and facebook.  It lets people in to the process but do they belong there? Is it like sending your 5 year old out to a beauty contest?


“music as the dominant vanguard social media as it was in the 20th century has been replaced by Facebook and twitter..every generation has to find a way to deal with the blues”, Billy Bragg on Gluttony at Seven Digital Deadly Sins.