A social collaborative art installation employing internationally contributed poetry, songs, and phrases.

The sun never sets on the Field of Voices.  We built this array of interactive columns that broadcast internationally contributed songs, poems and strange utterances. As you walk through the field your avatar triggers the short audio snippets.

We started out demonstrating networked collaboration as part of a focused experiment into the nature of the six aesthetic-technological dimensions. As with all our projects the process described the product and after various permutations we had a social collaborative art installation called Field of Voices.

The idea was to illuminate the shift of perception in the metaverse. The visitor is presented with a beautiful expanse of white columns not unlike a circuit board. Walking through this forest of columns activates audio recordings with the voices of a diverse group of people belaying the sterile perception of Second Life’s mostly text based communications reminding us there are highly creative people behind the virtual avatar.

The exhibition received a brief review in the New World Notes magazine and was featured in Art 21 magazine in an article by Nettrice Gaskins.

A preview walk through of the Field of Voices first incarnation at Caerleon

We went on to expand the Field of Voices in to augmented reality deploying it in New York City, Washington DC and Belle Isle Michigan.

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