equal in love

Over the years I have developed and maintained deep seated beliefs regarding wealth. In an honest attempt to remain aligned with the poorest of my brothers I have condemned the richest. I have kept myself poor all the while battling to be free from the limiting results of my own ideas of right and wrong.

Along comes Truth telling me of equality and forgiveness. Metaphysical understandings of the lies that memories tell combined with the easily verified knowledge of each of us fighting his own hard battle. The twin motivations of a call for love or an expression of love shifting constantly in each of us.

It becomes harder and harder to maintain a belief in the power of money to alter the infinite to corrupt the innocent or to warp the pure.

The fear of choice has served it’s purpose to bring me to this understanding. An understanding that behind each shield of grievance lies another aspect of the one light/love. Equal in love, equal in fear, equal in possibilities.

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