Common Ground

Over the years I have developed a visual language. I don’t always know what I am saying but I can tell when I have everything in place. A visual poetry reveals itself. There exists a harmony of color and shape combined in to a statement that is complete.

I can see this result in others paintings though I couldn’t tell you why, I just know it’s right and that it has emotional weight.

There is no shortage of images arriving in our lives today.. A lot of well crafted statements loaded with symbols and scenes. I admire the talent and certainly applaud the commitment to not only create but to get it seen. There is room for all of us.

What I am saying, and what a few of my contemporaries are saying is loaded with a content that goes far beyond the practiced form, the dynamic statement, and the clever process. Watch for it. Check how you feel. Does it strike a chord, vibrate at a similar rate?

I imagine the image would have to trigger something inside of you. The art being a reflection of some part of your inner makeup. Some common part of us we share and have learned to appreciate. When you spot it, nourish it. As you feed the recognition, it grows inside of you allowing you to see it in more places until eventually the world reveals itself to be a beautiful place.


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