are you a change agent?

Loving the creative insurgent podcasts. Today Cory Huff and Melissa Dinwiddie interviewed  Stephen Goldsmith who calls himself an empathic essential animal, a change agent. He suggests we can engage the community in a trans formative way and stop limiting ourselves with labels.
When you identify a need you automatically garner the abilities to effect a change due to the passion you bring.

Stephen approached the city looking for help and was reminded there are others who needed help more. Some wise advice turned him around to go back and approach the city as a group of artists with a lot to offer. He offered to rebuild spaces that were deteriorating creating new housing, making creative spaces, tourist destinations, safer areas, he offered themselves as artists as city builders.

He goes on to re-frame failure as a successful experiment and artists as creators. Not only artists as we define them now but all of us in our own pathways creating new ways to grow and engage. When we engage we let go of cultural constructs and new abilities are discovered. A few more clever things said that i don’t have the cleverness to integrate properly:

One of the hallmarks of a calling is feeling like I am not ready.

Men should plant trees under who’s shade they will never sit.

What more could a creator want than their idea to be generative.

I sure am glad to have found these podcasts and have one more tool to pry loose the old constricting beliefs toward a new reality as an engaged creator.

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  1. Shelley Slater
    May 31, 2014

    I was needing some inspiration and encouragement to continue my long needed and overdue project of “unearthing” my art room, on a hunch went to and straight to this site and am instantly rewarded…thank you…all!

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