all over style
plein-air non representational allover style painting based on grave rubbings

all over style

These paintings are allover paintings in that they are painted all over the surface of the canvas. There is no part of the painting more special than any other part.

I like to see the world that way. I like to honor every part of things equally. When I do that there is no struggle to get more of one thing and less of another. I take it as it comes. These paintings remind me of that way of looking at things.

I can easily fall in love with a little section of the painting and in order to preserve and highlight that section I can do disservice to the other areas. Ignore them, or even paint them over to make the part I love look better. I can do the same with people and miss out on the everyday magic people provide.

Each person has an innocent core and is of the greatest value. These paintings remind me of that and help me to fit in without trying too hard to be better or worse.

allover people

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