• 52″ x 29″ Acrylic on Canvas with bathroom appliques

    Take the First Step

    I am frightened by seemingly insurmountable differences. Take the First Step is a plea to maintain communication.

    Having painted myself in to a corner I began to experiment with simplicity. Using three vertical bands of color drawn quickly eventually the lines warped in to two opposing heads with hands clasped.

    On contemplation these two began to tell a story.

    The bathtub appliqué flowers represent ideas, not organic thoughtful understandings but rough cheap stick on ideas birthed by fear and hard to peel off.

  • Detail

  • 9 x 12 inches watercolour on paper

  • allover paintings and forgive me photographs in a respectful setting.

  • Curve 02

  • 44" x 66", acrylic canvas

    44″ x 66″, acrylic canvas

  • sydandme

  • Jorge two



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