watercolor painting Liquid 02


A series of small watercolor paintings created in a flurry of action in the desert then removed to the beach to be painstakingly highlighted and refined.  The process maintains dynamic action  while exuding calm soothing energy.


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9 x 12 inches watercolor on paper, ready for framing.

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Liquid 02 is  a  small watercolor painting painstakingly crafted to maintain a dynamic action composition while exuding calm harmonic energy.

I started these paintings in a flurry of energy in the California desert by pouring and splashing bottles of mixed watercolor paint under a blazing sun.  The movement of the paper combined with the dry hot dry air allowed for spontaneous yet controlled expression.

I took the whole batch with me to Loews Santa Monica Beach and secluded in a luxury hotel room overlooking the Pacific ocean I spent my days in meditation highlighting and refining the images.  The paintings maintain their dynamic enthusiasm while at the same time exude some of the calm peaceful energy imparted in the refining process.

I managed two series of these small watercolor paintings before bursting out with the Earth Rubbing series.


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