Earth Rubbing 22 abstract painting


This abstract painting consists of acrylic paint applied to raw canvas using rollers and brushes and sometimes thrown paint,  The canvas is soaked in water and laid over a rough outdoor surface with just the right amount of topographic interest to be embedded in the final abstract image. Ready to hang in gallery wrapped canvas.

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24 x 52 inches acrylic on canvas

Earth Rubbing 22

These unique paintings have been forged in the heat of the sun and held their own. The seed of creative experimentation has blossomed in to a series of plein-air non-representational paintings. These Earth Rubbings are informed with discovery and delight and continue to express optimism and forward motion. These paintings are perpetual growth machines.

Art Grows and as a result so do you in their presence. I painted these abstract paintings and after 10 years I am still delighted and surprised by their continued growth. I never fail to get caught up in the search for a pattern only to be washed away with the sheer delight of discovery as new areas , new relationships, reveal themselves.

This abstract painting, Earth Rubbing 22 was created during the sumer of 2014 in the heat of the California desert.  Created outdoors it holds its own in the landscape and brings that power in to your home.


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