Daylight Savings, abstract painting


A bold exercise in primary colors and energetic maneuvers Daylight Savings abstract painting bristles with harmonic detail while maintaining a well balanced weighty composition. The whole thing is bordered by an interweaving black line which is echoed in familiar shapes and symbols within. A mysterious box hovers on the top right area which has become a sort of reminder of the frame and a new symbol for the Stephen Beveridge abstract paintings of 2015. Bright reds play with bold yellows while blue islands and lines support the forms in a messy white space.

Painting is gallery wrapped and stretched with fasteners on the back. Ready to hang it is insured packed and shipped by the artist at no additional cost to you.  If the painting doesn't continue to delight return it in the and you get your money back.

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Daylight Savings

32 x 56 acrylic and oil on canvas

Daylight Savings hearkens back to the 90’s in it’s style yet the bold shapes are highlighted in oil and informed by the softer leanings of later paintings.  It is one of the first to use a border within the frame as well as one of the first abstract paintings to start with acrylic and end in oil.  I have decided to spend more time on the abstract paintings so the oil gives me an opportunity to spend time and not overwork the surface.


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