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  • Topographical prints influenced by location

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You deserve colorful spiritual art that feeds your mind, body, and soul. Find out why these original paintings charge your environment while enriching your soul.






Art is Healing

Healing art has  a calming effect on everyone who encounters it. The lack of familiar forms in the abstract shapes derails the train of thought providing a rest and allowing for a new perspective to develop. Each time you enter a room where this colorful art hangs and catch a glimpse an opportunity opens up to release your grip on the  minutiae of the day and take a holiday. It is up to you if and when you want to come back. This effect never wears out, and  I can attest to that as I experience it every day. These paintings afford me an opportunity to restart my day with a new perspective and healing lift.

Give yourself permission to enrich your life and your living space with this colorful art. Healing art is infused with energy and discovery that will continue to charge the surrounding atmosphere. It’s like hanging a sunny day on the wall that you can visit any time for a rejuvenating dose of vitamin D and a boost in energy. These paintings are guaranteed to shift perception or return them for your money back.









Both paintings make me happy. They remind me of a fine person who I had the good fortune of meeting. They remind me to answer my heart when it calls. They remind me the cost of art fades, but the role of art in our lives remains vivid. 

Full Testimonial by Mary Ann Tipton, St. Louis Missouri